The Future of FINAL FANTASY XV: A Skeptic’s Perspective

In a discussion with Jeremy Parish over at Polygon, Director Hajime Tabata discussed the future of FINAL FANTASY XV in great depth. Just yesterday I wrote what I felt FFXV needed in terms of gameplay enhancements in order to remain relevant in 2017, but today I want to focus on what ultimately matters going forward and why I am still skeptical about Tabata's approach to the game - the story.


Greatness from Small Beginnings

Greetings! I'd like to start of by saying that I should probably have done this much sooner. Time for a History Lesson! I've been playing games since childhood in the 90s but those games were often educational PC games provided by my parents such as Freddy Fish, Spy Fox, and eventually Age of Empires. I would later get a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Silver, a Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Ruby, and eventually a GameCube with Super Mario Sunshine. That's right, I started off as a fan of Nintendo's consoles, handhelds, and games. My parents weren't exactly supportive of me watching too much TV or playing video games and I got most of these systems late into their life cycles.